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The Clothes Whisperer | Supersize Me

As I mentioned in my 21 Juicy Questions Q+A, when it comes to my key style tenet, comfort is king. So one piece of style advice I’m always quick to dole out is as follows: free yourself from the tyranny of size.

When I was in high school, my Mom and I ran a boutique together (hence my introduction to the wonderful world of fashion) and I can’t relay the number of times I would see a customer come in, insist she’s a size six or whatever, and purchase a skirt, let’s say, that did not fit her in the slightest, but was the “correct” size. This retail
logic baffles me, and ever since the tender age of 16, except when it comes to denim, size is the last thing I check about a garment—buying and styling what feels and looks right. Armed with this philosophy for the better part of a decade, I’ve gradually slipped into perpetual oversized-dom and I think very very few size smalls or x-smalls can be found in my wardrobe.

So in putting together this look for a lazy London Sunday (lining up a pleasant afternoon of Earl Grey tea with a side of Hemingway), I slipped into my striped Juicy Couture jumper (or “sweater” on the other side of the Atlantic), which I had ordered in a large. A slouchy piece like this really need not hug the tummy and is really about making you feel good. To balance the slouch, I’ve teamed the top with cobalt blue trousers (thus simultaneously ticking the colored denim trend box for fall) and some platform boat shoes from Tommy Hilfiger. My favorite Ray-Bans and antique silver, gold and lapis Berber cuff, newly acquired in the souks of Marrakech my recent holiday to Morocco) complete the look.

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